Yoga by the pool: tamar melen photography

by tamar melen photography

Retreats are a mainstay of la finca. ​It’s natural rustic-ness helps set a relaxed tone; the quiet peaceful beauty and setting make it even more magical for ​workshops, ​yoga, and other spiritual retreats. Guests are often happy to spend their whole day on the property, loving the rare chance to really unplug and unwind.

  • ​The finca offers a large main​ house​ deck (1200 sq ft), ​various lawn area​s​ and pool deck space​, perfect ​for 20 to 30 guests ​​to participate in activities, workshops, practice yoga ​comfortably​, or just relax​.​
  • Indoor & deck sites for up to 80 sit down meals; up to 100 guests.

groups globalworksWhether using your own cook, or ours, our large main house kitchen is well equipped to handle your group with the serving things you need, as well as two stoves, two refrigerators, with plenty of space for team cooking, serving and dining.

  • Additional catering, logistical planning and travel help can sometimes be arranged at additional charge.
  • 12 total guestrooms, including cabins & houses means that depending on your retreat size and budget groups from 12 to 35 can fill the place.

To inquire about retreats and workshops, please call us (787) 741-0495 or email