Work / Trade Stays

The finca has always offered work/trade stays in lieu of cash payments. Since Maria, that’s all we offer. Funny to operate a business without money, but charging while things are still this rough doesn’t seem right. So until all repairs are made and the property is cleared and clean, we’re happy to have former guests and their friends down to trade a stay in any of the available cabins for help around the place. We like to swap an overnight stay for a morning’s work. It can be on your own, with your own group, with our caretakers, or with others who may be be down at the same time.

The work needed is now primarily:

Debris clean up: Dismantling junk and loading a truck can be hard work and even dangerous. Part of the clean up means salvaging miscellaneous lumber. That can involve carpentry skills and power tools. Work boots, or heavy soled shoes are essential. We have work gloves and the tools needed, if you have the experience.

Building repair: For those who know carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting, even cleaning, there’s always something to do. Projects can range from overwhelmingly complex to simple handyman repair. Best to learn our current priorities when you know dates.

Landscape restoration: From simple weeding to relocating and replanting, redesigning beds and fencing, there’s no shortage of help needed; especially if you know what you’re doing with tropical plants.

Things to know:

ALWAYS contact us before you book to ensure availability. We suggest a maximum of a week here unless you are really hardcore.

Our caretaker is here most of the time to get you started, but often away on weekends. You need to be comfortable either way, working alone, and/or with others on the property.

You will need to rent a car or scooter — or plan on hitching rides.

And although we love kids and young adults, we aren’t set up to host unaccompanied minors.

Vieques is in many ways the same amazing, beautiful island it’s always been, but there’s less of almost everything: fewer restaurants, publicos, flights, places that take credit cards, cell towers, police, hospital services, and fewer choices in the grocery stores. But…there are still the same sunny breezes, star studded black night skies, and amazing beaches, just fewer folks on them. Imagine that.

Casa Nueva, cabanita, and casita are all in good shape, and similar in lay out to life before Maria.

We have three queen beds, three twins, and one double — totaling a maximum 10 if there’s two in every queen and double. So come alone, or gather up some friends — but come!

Before May we also have three single beds in the casita, for a maximum of 13, total.

Water is on for cold showers, and Casa Nueva’s kitchen is fully equipped for cooking as well.

Electricity should be any day, 🤞🏽 but until it’s on, we use coolers. We ask that our work parties put in a good 3 – 4 hours a day.

Until we get a washing machine and power we ask each group to bring and take their own sheets and towels with them. If that’s not possible, we can use ours but then ask for a donation to cover laundry costs.

Shoot me date ideas, or any questions. Honestly, your support and offer to come help out really helps in the healing process. The short answer is YES, there is a ton of work to do, and we will take every bit of help we can get! If you folks want to do it —- then come on down!