I am going to try to write. It’s all I can do, after giving money and answering this morning’s batch of sad, worried questions and fretting my way through the little bits of news.

I’m beyond distracted. Like so many of us with loved ones in Puerto Rico, I’m in the unreal world of not knowing. Today is the fifth day of not knowing how the guys are, or what the place looks like. How much of it is still standing.

Maybe the gate is still standing…

It is surreal to be sitting in a little cabin in Washington state on a beautiful fall day, with a fresh bagel and a latte, totally comfortable, while I think about Scott and Bill, our beloved managers. I think of them and all our friends and neighbors on Vieques living without utilities, public water, communications of any kind, gasoline for generators, roads that are passable, or much available food and services on the whole island. And my heart breaks for their hardship and loss. No refrigeration for weeks now, and now no ice for the coolers.

And then there’s the forecast of how many months it will be for some of those to be restored. And the photos of houses throughout the island that may or may not be indicative of what the finca looks like now. Again waiting unknowing. We may have lost it all. Or maybe just a lot.

I have lost it all before. So that part doesn’t really bother me as much as the suffering of my friends and neighbors on Vieques and Puerto Rico. That’s when the tears start flowing. They’ve suffered and suffered and suffered. Economic, political, oppression, corruption, alleged Zika scares, and now what…how do we describe Maria? Natural disaster doesn’t do it justice. Island wide apocalypse? I don’t know. That’s the problem, after four long days of waiting with phone on, nervously checking for any calls and tiny bits of updates, bits I don’t know much of anything.

One thing I do know is the love so many of you have for the place. Everyone of these four long days is filled with concern and support from guests who want to know how the guys are, where to give, what to do and if they can come down to help in the clean up and rebuilding. Sharing the place with such great folks is what the place is, and has always been about.

So….in response to your questions:

Re Scott and Bill, between virtually no communication still and impassable roads, we’ve yet to hear from them but that’s the case for most people on the island at this time. Scott and Bill’s welfare is our highest priority and updates will continue to be posted to our Facebook page.

Re winter reservations, Thanks for your patience. As soon as we know enough we’ll get back to you.

Re work parties, yes! stay tuned we’ll be organizing down the road.

Re immediate and direct giving to the islandhttps://www.gofundme.com/viequeslove

For more info or messaging email is better than Facebook or anything else.

Your reaching out lightens my load. My load today is the weight of unknowing.