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Basic travel options to get here…

flying in

travleinfoOur favorite way to get to Vieques from San Juan (fast and budget-friendly), for individuals and small groups, is to use the less expensive, smaller airport, Isla Grande, right next to Old San Juan (appx $75+). From the main airport, SJU just hop in any curbside taxi, for about $20 (for two people). VAL and Air Flamenco both have flights from this airport.

Directly from San Juan International, you can fly Vieques Air Link, Cape Air (usually more $$), or Air Sunshine. The flights are about 25 minutes long and range in price from about $80-120.

Another affordable and faster option, for small to medium sized groups, is to fly on VAL or Air Flamenco from Ceiba, which is about 1 hour and 15 minutes southeast — near Fajardo. The flight is very short (10 minutes) and very cheap (around $35)! Just grab a publico from the airport or your hotel – we recommend Roy’s Transportation at (787) 242-1162 /, Padin at (787) 644-3091 / or Lily Taxi at (787) 397-9116 / to get you there.

ferry over

BoatsThe one hour ferry leaves from Fajardo, and requires a one-hour+ publico (taxi van) ride, from San Juan to Fajardo.

You should plan to be at the dock about an hour before the ferry leaves. Your one-way ticket will cost $2.00. The ferry service can have delays. Rarely (for example, weekend mornings during the summer months), it will be full and you would have to wait for the next boat. Residents are given preference in this case. Again, this very rarely happens.

The ferry trip to Vieques takes about one and a quarter hours (an hour if you are on the newer boats). Map of the ferry route from Fajardo to Vieques

Please note: You ​aren’t allowed to ​bring a rental car from Fajardo to Vieques. Car rental companies do not allow it and the cargo ferry must be reserved sometimes weeks in advance.

You can call the ATM – Vieques Port: (800) 981-2005, (787) 741-5018 or (787) 494-0934 (ext. 2727 or 2729) to try and purchase tickets by phone. However, these numbers are rarely answered and most tickets must be purchased the day of travel, at the dock.

We recommend either Roy at (787) 242-1162 /, Padin at (787) 644-3091 / or Lily Taxi at (787) 397-9116 / They can either pick you up at the airport, or at your hotel.

But remember ferry schedules change due to weather and mechanical issues. (IF YOUR FERRY IS DELAYED you can also fly from Ceiba, just south of Fajardo, the flight is very short and only about $35.)

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