Travel Info

By car, scooter, taxi/publico, bike and foot…

Once you get to Vieques…

Getting Around
There are public taxi vans (“publicos”) waiting at the dock or airport in Vieques. The fare should be around $5 per person, if you share it with others, or $10-15 for two people, if you hire the van to take you directly with no other passengers. An additional 50 cents per bag may be charged. Tell your driver you are going to la finca caribe, in Pilon.

By calling ahead you can arrange to have your publico waiting for you, and they often are happy to stop at a grocery store on the way.

If you are arriving late, bring food with you, eat before arriving, or we may be able to cook up a simple arrival dinner for $13 per person. Let us know well in advance, if you are interested in an arrival dinner, and we’ll let you know if it’s a possibility.

With a car

We recommend renting a car at least for part of your stay, as our world class beaches are far flung. Take the first car of any you find — as the island often runs out of cars in high season and we don’t advise bringing rental cars from the main island. It is theoretically illegal…

Many of our guests are also happy to save money by using publico taxi vans; and hearty souls, can also rent scooters or bikes.

Or, if you have car insurance that covers a rental, ask about our ’05 Outlander for $45 a day. You have to promise not to go to the worst road beaches, and you have to call in advance to check availability.

Rent in advance – ASAP, because the island can run out of rental cars in high season, and don’t try to bring rental cars from the main island. It’s not allowed.

We recommend:

  • *Chepito’s: (787) 649-2542
  • *Misael: (787) 428-2694
  • *Acevedo’s: (787) 741-4380
  • Acacia: (787) 742-1856
  • Island Jeep: (787) 741-3318
  • Vieques: (787) 741-1037
  • Maritza’s: (787) 741-0078
  • Island Car: (787) 741-1666
  • Avis: (787) 741-0284

The least expensive car choices are sort of island junkers, little paperwork, at half the cost. *They don’t usually take cards, but they sometimes can pick you up at ferry or airport…just ask.

without a car

Once here, you can always get a publico for come up and take you to and from virtually any beach, town or restaurant. Even doing this once or twice a day, can still be less expensive than renting a car. Our publicos are honest, reliable and often can get here within 15 to 30 minutes. Even better, you can make arrangements the day before with the driver — who becomes your main driver — so its all arranged, every day.

Publico Taxis

  • Angie (787) 397-2048 — our fav for groups!
  • Edgar (787) 232-1450
  • Letty Perez (787) 556-6003
  • Josue (787) 249-6165

other vieques publicos

  • Alba Melendez (787) 206-0456
  • Alejito Bermúdez (939) 261-7857
  • Ana Robles (787) 313-0599
  • Carlos & Denisse (787) 447-8697
  • Edna Robles (787) 630-4673
  • Eric (787) 248-1617
  • Fernando (787) 605-4100
  • Henry (787) 649-3838
  • Ismael (787) 741-0095
  • Jorge (787) 741-2116
  • Jose Morales (787) 435-4277
  • Juanito (787) 645-2329
  • Julio (787) 579-1141
  • Julian (787) 385-7604
  • Luis Gonzalez (787) 435-3805
  • Sharron (787) 944-4569
  • Vieques Taxi (787) 741-TAXI (8294)

Often our “car-less guests” grab a ride with us, or other guests, who they’ve befriended here (remember all of our guests are great, friendly folks — such as yourself).

Lots of folks (like us) like the 3 mile walk down to Esperanza (best early or late to avoid the heat) and then they grab a publico back after a day at sun bay, or evening on the malecon.

There are also scooters available to rent from various folks, including Fun Brothers and Maritza’s Car rental. You can rent in advance from Maritza’s.

scooter rentals

For the strong at heart there’s biking — and diehards LOVE it. We’re in the hills here so it can be quite a workout! for the adventurous, you can also just hitch a ride while walking down the road…we’ve been known to, and have only met more of our neighbors by doing so…

bike rentals

The finca is one place where just hanging out here, is a fabulous way to spend a day, or two of your stay. We aren’t exaggerating when we say it’s known as the prettiest, and quietest place on the island. The pool, the hammocks, the palms, the breezes…maybe a walk on our quiet country roads…even kids find hanging out here pretty awesome. So don’t miss out on “being here now” — and going nowhere!