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la finca beachImmerse yourself in the clear blue beauty of our Caribbean beaches — small caves to expansive stretches. Vieques is ringed by some of the most stunning and wonderfully undeveloped, relatively empty beaches in the Caribbean; maybe anywhere. And there’s over 30 of them! So whether you are looking for miles of white sand and solitude, great swimming, snorkeling, diving, paddle boarding, sailing or beachcombing — you’ll find awesome choices. First timers can hardly believe our beaches. Discovering an empty beach; the joy of walking or swimming its length, without crowds, condos or restaurants is a rare and wonderful thing. The island has changed a lot from US Navy training days. Now most of our beaches are protected as a US Wildlife Reserve.
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Staying at the finca gives you a central vantage point. We are three miles from either the Caribbean Southern side, or our north, Atlantic coast beaches. Depending on the weather, we can point you to the perfect beach for the day. Although it sounds great to get a place “near the beach” it’s important to understand, on Vieques, that usually means being in town, which means more noise, traffic, and people, and maybe not the sort of beach you really want to hang out on. So, because chances are you are going to want to rent a car, or scooter, or hire a publico or ride a bike — out to the best beaches, you might as well stay at the prettiest, quietest, private place on the island. After you shower off in your outdoor solar shower, then you’re still in paradise, with the pool or a dozen hammocks, views and breezes to choose from.

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