To birthdays, solstice, & the light returning













It’s an interesting sort of birthday this year…

All I really want I can’t have…I want the electoral college to save our nation, the suffering in Syria and every where else to somehow end, and Bill’s cancer to go away.

Consequently, I’m having a hard time figuring out quite what to do to celebrate, or how. Usually by now I’m blasting the house and neighboring jungle with my favorite tunes, as we cook up a big dinner for friends. This year few friends are here yet and I can’t find the cable that connects my iPod to the speaker.

Luckily, Tito our gardener came by with Buchi, his friend with a backhoe. They wanted to talk to us about how best to push back the jungle. They brought us homemade coconut and guava arepas. Suddenly all was not lost. I had a birthday breakfast. And, in fact, it’s still a beautiful day, from my favorite vantage point, the swing on the deck of the main house, where the palm fronds rattle and dance in today’s warm winds; where Smidge curls and purrs next to me in the sun, and clouds glide steadily across the Caribbean headed west and north, like we will Thursday. Way too soon.

They say we never know how much something means to us until we’re about to lose it. Like our health, like losing our winter down here this year — and of course possibly our democracy, free press, speech, climate science research et al. not to mention the federal wildlife refuge here on Vieques.

But what about our sense of humor? Joy? Celebration? Have the scoundrels figured out how to take all that too? I want and need to be stronger and better than that — for the kids and grandkids I’m coming home to, and all my favorite young friends. I have to be that fun old lady…if I, and the rest of us who are ascending into that third chapter, don’t, who the hell will? Who will light up their lives?

Speaking of which, there’s a Lights out Inauguration Day protest I’ve been asked to support. For some reason — that one I just can’t get in to. I can’t stand the idea of sitting in the dark that day and night as we tumble into this uncertain future. Times are dark enough. I want the lights and music on and blaring! I want friends over for great food and wine and laughter.

Guess I better find that cable.

Happy solstice friends, and any all of everything you celebrate. With love, corky 

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