Thinking of you

Ok. Do me a favor. Let me know if you still get this poor neglected blog, that I haven’t looked at in over a year. If you do, and you actually read it, awesome. I’m flattered, surprised, impressed the systems are all and working, and now I’m going to let you in on a little secret, that I’m excited about.

A very rough draft of a cover page collage idea...

A very rough draft of a cover page collage idea…

I’m actually doing it. That which many of you have asked about. I’m finally really sitting down, (as in most days, and for many hours) and writing the finca story. Or guess it’s more accurate to say “my” not “the,” as I’m sure there are many, many other perspectives and versions of this crazy place from all who’ve wandered through over these 19 years. For me, I’m just trying to answer the question y’all ask so often; the how and why behind it all.

For some reason, the stars have aligned and I’m taking myself, or at least this writing project somewhat seriously. The good news is, I’m having a ball doing it. (How could I not, writing about the place and all of you?) The sad part is, it’s going to take a while because for some crazy internal drive on my part — most every page will be illustrated, annotated, collaged. At least that’s the plan for now.

That’s why I haven’t written here. I was afraid writing a blog would distract my focus, but now, I’m thinking differently. At AWP, the enormous amazing writers’ conference I went to last week I heard over and over again how writing here to you in our blog, can help me with the larger project. So bingo!

But here’s the deal: I’m giving you fair warning that I’m going to be posting these silly bloggy finca missives more regularly (how’s that for vague?) maybe monthly? Quarterly? Who knows…But don’t worry, you can get out now, or whenever you want; just unsub, if you’re not interested in getting another blog in your inbox. No hard feelings, I will never know…Otherwise, come on in, get comfortable, and let me know that you’re with me.

But, you should know, by signing on, I’m apt to use you as motivation and encouragement to keep going. Not quite sure…but If I ask a question, I’m seriously looking for your input, and want it! Even if I don’t, I’d LOVE to hear from you.

All I know about this amorphous “you” that I’m writing to, is that you signed up for this blog on the finca’s site or while making a reservation, either intentionally, or inadvertently. That means, I’m guessing, you’ve probably either stayed with us, or wanted to… So I’m assuming, for those who didn’t unsub yet, that you are one of “us;” a friend of the finca and therefore a pal of mine…even if we haven’t met. Gotta say, as a writer, I’m very lucky to have met so many of you over all these years. It makes it that much more fun to be able to conjur images of you, your families, and friends, and the good times shared at the finca.

But, I haven’t had my coffee yet, so I’m going to scoot. Just woke up with you on my mind I guess…even when I’m not on my shift, there at the finca…I’m thinking of you. Thanks so much, for coming there, and being here…corky