Swingin’ high…and Sometimes low

Even time in a hammock has highs and lows. Even life here in “Paradise” (a term I actually never use to describe this complex little island of ours) can get down right challenging. Seems like no matter where we live these days, the challenges are harder to escape. They’re environmental, political, socio-economic, racial, and educational.

it's how we roll...

it’s how we roll…

Human rights, common sense and courtesy seem almost relics from the past. As my neighbor, (who’s fighting three kinds of cancer) said, as she stopped to see how Bill and I were doing. “Name me one thing that isn’t broken these days!” as she laughingly bemoaned the state of the world. The answer was easy. The flowers in her hand she had grown and was bringing us; they weren’t broken. They were perfect. But still, I know all too well, what she’s talking about. Remember when finca blogs and posts were about our cute cats sprawled in the warmth off the deck, or the evening cheeping of frogs and crickets, the laughter of new friends — our guests — in music jams or charades games up at the main house? Lately our posts are geared to get you to sign this or that petition; to save Vieques National Wildlife Refuge land, or Puerto Rican public beaches from being sold to developers, or to let know you know about the “bail out” (another term I don’t use to describe that travesty). With all this going on, I can forget we are in the vacation business; the business of helping people have FUN. Sounds a little silly and superficial for these trying times. But ya know, maybe carving out time to laugh and relax is more important than ever. AKA vital. Last year my son asked me for some help with this “whole meaning of life thing.” After a few days, it came to me: maybe it’s just: FIND JOY (and if you can’t then) CREATE JOY (and when you do) SHARE JOY. (And if you can’t get started — then ask for help!) It’s simple, but I haven’t found anything that makes any more sense. It dawns on me that this little formula is at the core of being an innkeeper at the finca. We love to share the joy. So, voila! The answer to what ails ya! Now’s the time! Go on, or plan, a vacation to the finca!

A recent joyous 60th birthday at la finca

A recent joyous 60th birthday at la finca

Perfect except, for one thing. Zika. Yep. Now, just when you would think folks would be more than ready to escape, they’re avoiding Vieques and Puerto Rico because of Zika. Can’t say I blame them. The media makes it sound, like we’re swimming in the stuff. Meanwhile, the last I heard, there hasn’t been one official case from Vieques. The one friend who had it, over on the main island, said it was a mild week-long flu. Of course there’s the chilling possible birth defect link, but no one seems to know how much of a link there is. I look, but can’t find real answers. I’m not saying the media, or government sources are wrong, or that I know better. Hardly. I don’t have a clue what’s going on. Nor do any of our Vieques friends and neighbors.

All we know is that poor Puerto Rico is hurting. Tourism is pretty much on hold right now. We wait. Some island businesses have already folded. All of us are struggling to get through; cost cutting every hurting pinch of the way. We were hoping Congress might have done something before another recess; but no such luck. We’re stuck with waiting…

There’s a hospitality mantra: “Never let ’em see you sweat.” That’s because we don’t like to burden anyone with our woes. We like to keep your fun, FUN. So I’m sort of breaking cardinal rules, by letting my hair down … But how can I not? We don’t want anyone to come down and worry about Zika — that wouldn’t be any fun at all. But we do want you to come. So…how about this? If, for whatever reason, you aren’t worried about Zika, here’s

FIND JOY & 50% OFF ALL FALL for you, your friends and family. Seriously! A stay at the finca for HALF OFF! Now to Dec 15th, or

SHARE JOY in the new year with a super insider’s good-buddy rate, on any five-day house or cabin rental. You just need to call us for rates and details, at (787) 741-0495. Oh…what if it was that easy? What if we could all help CREATE JOY! and that, in turn, helped create more!

Hope you can come on down and see how high the hammock can take ya…even in these trying times. And, if not now… Let these crazy times lighten up soon! — c