Launching the site

Working on the siteMuchas gracias! How many folks helped build this new website and for how long? Three years, more maybe? The fits and starts, crazy mishaps and what not, would bore and confound us all. Argh. What’s important is — its here! Finally — a site worthy of our beloved finca! So…sigh… Muchas, muchas gracias to the A Team! Anne T. and April for the long haul and beautiful and functional site!! Anne B. for her illustrations, Anika for the original concept and Andrea for her efforts. Oh! and to Bill for floor plans, maps, and drawings…and all else. xox

Now we have a finca blog to play with friends! A place for us to share memories and drawings, wild ideas and suggestions etc etc. Important finca news like Little Buddy, the teeny tropical frog whose lived in our bathroom sink drain for the past few years just having babies!! I know its a mystery to us too. One, we thought Buddy was a guy, (not sure why) and Two…how’d we miss the tadpole phase?? Nothing like looking down the drain, when you’re brushing your teeth, wondering if you’re spitting on a swarm of tiny tadpoles. Ahhhh…the mysteries and magic of life at the finca.

The even bigger news is that our dear friends and great managers, Captains Pam and Graham, are leaving us, to return to their life at sea. So, come December, when we take over for the winter again, they’ll take off for saltier adventures. This is too small a space to express our big thanks for all that they’ve done(!) They’ll be missed…but they have the place in their blood now, so they’ll be back — at least for dinner and playing music on the deck the next time they need a few days on dry land.

For those interested in the personal story behind the finca, I’m including it here to help get us started. Warning though…it wasn’t written as a blog…just ramblings that come from my trying to answer the often-asked how and why did we ever decide to do this? So have at it — if like me, you’ve ever wondered “what the heck were we thinking??”