FRUGAL TRAVELER: A Quiet Isle With Occasional Rumblings

The New York Times

FRUGAL traveling doesn’t get much better than this: a deserted Caribbean beach, and back roads that wind through forests where wild horses run free and egrets glide above the mangroves edging the water…. I spotted a sign for La Finca Caribe…and drove up the road leading to a huge, airy, two-story wooden house painted in tropical blues and greens.

By now I have a sixth sense for hotels, and La Finca was pushing all the right buttons, with its large, breezy wooden deck and lovely, rolling property studded with palm trees and hibiscus. A big communal kitchen dominated the ground floor, which was filled with funky old furniture and walls of heavily thumbed paperbacks…I grew to love taking a shower in the neat, roofless wooden stall, under the sun and stars. Just outside my bedroom, which had a double bed with a mosquito net and a single loft bed, an upper wooden deck offered a view clear out to Esperanza, about two and a half miles away, and the ocean. There was a hammock on that deck, and for the next several days I spent most of my time there, swaying in the sun and reading…

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~ New York Times, Frugal Traveler: A Quiet Isle With Occasional Rumblings