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Audubon Magazine Review

Audubon A​ more family-friendly option… a country house with open-air showers, a communal kitchen, flowers and fruiting trees that attract a parade of songbirds and hummingbirds. ~ Audubon Magazine

The Adventurer’s Guide to Puerto Rico Review

Simple and very practical in its construction, one of the nicest things about the house is its integration with nature. Small lizards come right in to visit you and birds nest right by the porch. At night you have the 360-degree orchestral symphony of nature surrounding you. The sunrises here are spectacular, you truly wake… Read more »

Arthur Frommer Review

Frommer's I’ve saved the best for last. La Finca Caribe, occupying a hillside location about three miles from Sun Bay, in the center of the small island, consists of a two-story, wind-swept, wooden main house surrounded on all sides by a spacious deck with hammocks and swinging chairs, a new dorm cabin… seven lush acres of… Read more »

Caribbean Travel + Life Review

Caribbean Life + Travel [La Finca Caribe is]…a kind of summer camp for adults…atop a hill, with a gorgeous view of the fertile hills and sea. Guests come to settle into a hammock to catch up on a year’s worth of reading, napping or meditation. ~ Caribbean Travel + Life

Outside Magazine Review

Outside Magazine The best way to experience the island is to base yourself at one of its two rustic lodges tucked back in the hills among the banana groves. La Finca Caribe, just embrace Vieques’ don’t sweat the details vibe and get on with experiencing these newly opened spaces. ~ Outside Magazine

Gourmet Magazine Review

Gourmet …like a friend’s funny old beach house…with sandals in the corner, paperbacks, porches, hammocks and a very cool Venezuelan guy running the place. ~ Gourmet

FRUGAL TRAVELER: A Quiet Isle With Occasional Rumblings

The New York Times FRUGAL traveling doesn’t get much better than this: a deserted Caribbean beach, and back roads that wind through forests where wild horses run free and egrets glide above the mangroves edging the water…. I spotted a sign for La Finca Caribe…and drove up the road leading to a huge, airy, two-story wooden house painted in… Read more »

Lonely Planet Review

Finca Caribe is Vieques personified. Sitting high up on a mountain ridge seemingly a million miles from anywhere (but only actually 3 miles from either coast), it’s the kind of rustic haven stressed-out city slickers probably dream about. Despite its back-to-nature facilities – outdoor communal showers, shared kitchen and hippyish decor – it has a… Read more »