We are the lucky, or maybe crazy folks who found and bought this amazing piece of the planet, back in 1996 when it was known as NEW DAWN. With great help from ​many friends in the 20+ years before Hurricane Maria, we’d turned our private finca into a full on, almost normal business, guest house and cottages; a retreat for large groups, a few families, romantic getaways, or solo eco-travelers.

Corky on the Range (Casa Grande’s stove now sits in our parking area, thanks to Maria)

Now, the big beautiful main house, Casa Grande, is no longer standing. Maria completely destroyed it and the manager’s s cabin, so we are in process of restoring the houses and cabins left, as well as cleaning the property, and re-doing this web page.

By sharing the place with friends over the years, we’ve​ ​become somewhat of an institution, like our notorious predecessors. Folks stop by just to see the place they’ve heard so much about. Fine with us; chances are, once​ ​you​ see it — you’ll stay with us the next time. ​

When we aren’t at the finca, friends manage the place, and we are at our small family homestead, little hill, on another island, Marrowstone, off the northern coast of the Olympic peninsula, where we raise lamb, fruits and vegetables. (That’s another place we love to share with friends. Come visit!)

Before innkeeping, Corky worked in sustainability and creative communications. My family and I have been developing design improvements, eco-efficiencies, and alternatives,  in a small way here at the finca, and back in the States for a long time.We’re hearty, avid, active travelers who prefer to travel without all the comforts of home. For all these years we’ve modeled the finca around favorite family-run places we’ve been lucky enough to stay at, from Burma to Chile, China to Spain.

We strive to provide you with the best “eco travel” vacation on Vieques. We take that commitment, and just simple living & traveling seriously. We love sharing the finca with others who cherish it and a green lifestyle. (That’s code for – if you want a luxury corporate hotel, or swanky vacation home – you probably don’t want to stay here).

We’re grateful to be stewards of the finca, and part of the Vieques community for over 20 years. Look forward to having you here!

~ Corky Parker and the rest of the finca family, (a whole host of kids, partners, friends, and co-horts)